Pre Acquisition
"a dime in design saves a dollar in construction"

Cloud Implementation and Strategy Preparation

Microsoft, Salesforce and Amazon SOW and RFx Preparation Assistance

Using the same tried and true processes our principals have used successfully with both government and commercial organizations worldwide, SaaSgard will walk your organization through the collaborative development of an initial enterprise Cloud Implementation Strategy or a Cloud Acquisition Package. Each of these 30 to 60 day engagements includes 3 structured, 3-5 day off-sites with up to 20 key stakeholders, and a well defined and agreed upon final deliverable that your organization can start using immediately.

  1. A complete implementation strategy and supporting project plan for initial cloud implementation, either ready for (or, ideally) in staffing for agency head approval and execution
  2. A complete Microsoft, Salesforce or AWS procurement package ready for Contracting Officer review

Training & Documentation
people fear what they don't understand & developers aren't always great trainers

Application Training

Application User Documentation

Leveraging commercial best practices from both academia and business, SaaSgard will walk your organization through the collaborative development of user documentation and training that your organization can start using immediately. These 30-90 day engagements include preparation of a training plan, course syllabus and course materials, or, web ready application documentation and FAQ/knowledge-base.

  1. Application Training - Final deliverables may include the actual course materials, delivery of the course, a recorded webinar, or other materials designed and tailored specifically for your users
  2. Application User Documentation – We take all of the informal, (and sometimes non-existent) user documentation developed with most custom application development projects, and create professional grade user documentation. In addition to publishing the user documentation in standard formats, we will create it a format ready for upload to whichever online knowledge base your organization uses to make answers easier for your users to find on their own.

sometimes an article, podcast or book are more effective