SaaSgard LLC

SaaSgard LLC is Public Benefit Corporation providing independent journalism, research, analysis, training, and acquisition support services for next generation cloud services. Our founders have decades of experience as commercial and government technology and cybersecurity executives. Out advisors include former government and commercial CIOs, clud softweare company executives, and leaders of commercial software and consulting companies.

SaaSgard operates as an objective, third party analyst. To guarantee the objective nature of our journalism, research, analysis and advisory services, SaaSgard does not accept accept any type of payments from any vendor. We are both software vendor and system integrator neutral and independent, and, do not provide implementation services.

SaaSgard is also completely different from, and does not compete with system integrators. We do not provide implementation services, and have no incentive to drive customers to use one vendor's products or services versus any other (or to try to expand our own footprint to increase billable hours).

Our only priority is enabling our clients to leverage modern cloud technologies to transform their business as quickly as possible, while minimizing both cost and risk, and maximizing cybersecurity.

Who We Are

SaaSgard LLC is a Woman and Veteran Owned Business founded by Lauren and Joe Paiva.

Prior to co-founding SaaSgard, Lauren was a successful entrepreneur who co-founded and served in various executive leadership roles in multiple companies, including two different software companies. Lauren has successfully helped dozens of companies improve their bottom line by ensuring their staff both want to to adopt technology and have the training necessary to do so successfully. A school teacher turned entrepreneur, Lauren quickly became invaluable to software start-ups that were heavy in technology, but lacking communication, training and people skills. After leading Human Resources, Customer Support, and Implementation Services for multiple, Lauren served in her last commercial role as the VP for Customer Implementation and Support Services a national, healthcare software company. Devoted to the cause or helping people experiencing homelessness, Lauren dedicated five years working directly with women in an emergency shelter.

Joe Paiva is a successful entrepreneur and business leader, who held multiple senior executive positions as a CIO and operational business unit leader in both private industry and government. Joe also retired from the US Army after more than 9 years of active and more than 20 years of reserves service in both cyber and amphibious warfare. Joe’s most recent roles included working as a Senior Director and Regional Vice President for Salesforce, Chief Information Officer for the US International Trade Administration (ITA), and senior leadership positions within both the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), where he served as VA's Chief Technology Strategist and led a joint VA and Department of Defense (DoD) Presidential Initiative, and, at the US Department of Defense, as the Deputy Director for Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure and Network Operations. Before entering government service, Mr. Paiva was Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of multiple private and public U.S. and international companies. His commercial successes include taking a healthcare software company public; turning around a major IT services company, and establishing new business units in the U.S., Asia and Europe, His published works include a co-authored college textbook used in several top-rated universities and numerous articles about IT development, acquisition and implementation. Following the events of September 2001, Mr. Paiva returned to military service as a member of the U.S. Army National Guard and Reserves, retiring from the Army Cyber Warfare Command in 2017.

Pre and Post Award Acquisition Support

Having both led and reviewed numerous cloud implementations (as both a CIO and a software company executive), the one thing we have seen frustrate more organizations than anything else is the failure of cloud platforms to provide the "faster, cheaper application development" promised by both SaaS and "low-code/no-code development". The reality is that the vast majority of large government implementations we have seen took longer and cost at least as much as similar applications coded in traditional environments. However, we have rarely seen the additional time or cost be the result of the cloud services provider not delivering. Instead, what we see time and time again is organizations starting these projects without properly developed requirements and a complete misunderstanding of how "agile development" works in a Salesforce or Office 365 environment. The impact of this misunderstanding and lack of preparedness is frequently compounded by a system integrator that is all too happy to bill thousands of unproductive labor hours while their government or corporate customer figures out all of the things they should have figured out before they awarded the contract.

Implementing Cloud Services properly requires substantially more prepatory work than traditional development! Anyone who tells you differently does not know what they are talking about. The reason is simple: With tradtiional development, you have time between builds. Even in an agile development environment, the basic nature of compiled code requires a deployment process that slows things down. Moreover, in a traditional development environment, building everything from scratch is the norm for bespoke application development (even when leveraging pre-built modules). In a SaaS, Low/No-Code world, if an organization doesn't know and understand what capabilities are available out of the box, which ones can be implemented via configuration, and which ones require real code, it can not make informed decisions with respect to which requirements are must haves, versus which minor modifications to business processes or requirements can save an organization millions of dollars (in development, business operations, or both). We know, because we haven't just seen it happen to other cloud customers, it happened to us when we were cloud customers.

SaaSgard has the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to ensure your cloud implementation and software services contracts don't end up costing you more than if you just coded a solution in an old fashioned data center.

Cloud Customer Facilitation & Training

From our experience with dozens of Salesforce, Microsoft O365, Amazon Web Services and hybrid cloud implementations around the world, we know that most cloud implementation projects fail or succeed based on one or both of two things: 1) The customer asking Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon and their implementation partners the right questions (and knowing whether or not they are getting good answers), and 2) The customer being able to provide Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon and their System Integrator Partners all the information they need to properly implement the solution. Unfortunately, especially in large, complex organizations (like government agencies) the customer is frequently not adequately prepared to do either until months after the contract is awarded and the project has already broken schedule and budget. SaaSgard Pre-Acquisition support services can easily result in members saving more money on their initial contract than the cost of their SaaSgard membership.

Cloud Facilitation & Training Offerings

SaaSgard advisors have led the following types of sessions for large commercial and government organizations around the world. Our real world tested methodologies and years of insider knowledge and experience make these sessions incredibly productive. Each one results in the fast track development and delivery of finite deliverables that our critical to a successful cloud implementation project. Additionally, as an independent, customer-driven public benefit corporation, we are able to offer many of these as multi-customer events allowing our member-customers to share experiences and lessons learned directly with each other and share costs.

Cloud Implementation and Strategy Preparation

Cloud SOW and RFx Preparation Assistance

Independant Code and Architecture Review

Cloud Training

Salesforce and O365 Power Platform Application User Documentation

P2P Application Sharing Facilitation and Support

Do Cloud Right!

Take your organization to the next level faster and with less risk. Join your peers, learn from those who have done it before, share applications, statements of work, benchmarks, lessons learned, AND Applications. The privacy and security of our clients is fundamental to both our and their success, and SaaSgard will NEVER share your contact information with anyone for any reason.